Our Pastor


Dr. Charles Webster

Pastor Charles Webster is a visionary and by the Word of the Lord spoken, the founder of Living for Christ Ministries (LFCM).  LFCM was built from the ground up and established by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Waiting on God’s direction, Pastor Webster began his ministry with Bible Study in his residence. The Lord spoke to Pastor Webster guiding him to move his church to another location from where, under the influence of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, he preaches and demonstrates the uncompromising Word of God ministering healing and deliverance to individuals.


Pastor Charles was born in Naples, Texas on August 15, 1959 and raised in a Christian home under the denomination of “The Church of God in Christ.”  Pastor Charles’ mother was a missionary who ministered the Word of God at many churches, holding camp meetings throughout the United States.

Pastor Charles left his hometown in Texas and slowly drifted away from the Lord spending the next fifteen years (1977 – 1992) in the United States Army. God ignored this backsliding and called Charles to ministry. God constantly spoke to Charles saying, “come back to me son.” 


Pastor Charles Webster met his wife, Mrs. Peggy Webster  in 1985 while stationed in Hawaii. They married that same year. Although transferred by the US Navy to Europe, in 1988 Mrs. Peggy Webster received a vision from God directing them to return to Hawaii. The Lord’s message was simple – “You must return to Hawaii for I am not yet finished with you.”  Obeying God’s message, Pastor Charles and Peggy Webster returned to Hawaii in 1994 where God immediately began his work in directing their call to ministry.


Pastor Charles’ task in carrying out God’s call on his life was ministering the Word of God to lost souls and setting captives free in the Hawaiian community as a member of the Apostolic Fivefold Ministry Church on the island of Oahu.  This is where Pastor Charles and Peggy Webster worshiped from 1994 to 2000.  As he was seeking the Lord and doing the Lord’s work, Pastor Charles received a miracle of a new heart while attending a prayer conference on the Big Island of Hawaii. 


In the year 2000, while attending a powerful workshop meeting, Pastor Charles was called to the Office of Apostle (One Sent) and was directed by the Lord to grow his ministry and start a church that he was to name “Living for Christ.”  Pastor Charles found this call to be difficult because he had neither a building to house a church nor a congregation to lead. However, Pastor Charles obeyed God at his word and received a second miracle – a replacement for a diseased lung while attending a Glory Invasion meeting in Hawaii.


Pastor Charles Webster received his Doctor of Divinity from the Omega Bible Institute and Seminary, and amas Christian Uniiversity.  Pastor Charles also received his Ordained Minister license from the World Harvest Church Ministerial Alliance.


Pastor Charles and Peggy Webster has one adult a son Terrell Webster. Terrell and his wife Juanita have two children, Terrell Jr. and Desirea.


Pastor Charles Webster’s goals are bringing lost souls into the Kingdom of God and showing them that salvation is the key to an abundant life.  Emphasizing how The Word of God is alive, Pastor Charles teaches that anyone who abides in God’s statutes and the Oracles of God can live a full life in Christ, Jesus.


Pastor Charles’ motivational scripture is Hebrews 13:8  “

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today and forever.”

 In addition, Pastor Charles constantly reminds people that,

God keeps good books.”

Pastor Charles Webster’s affiliations are:

            (WHCMA) member since 2003 

Missions Support:

             Help give hope to children and families in crisis and brings hope to the poor

             around the world.

             Help to reach out with humanitarian aid to the poor Arabs and Israeli’s refugee

             Help the clean water projects, and teach hygiene in East Africa